Want to travel cheap? Stay fit.

Picnic at the Cathedral

I think of budget travel as a sort of prolonged marathon.  There’s the constant walking of course—hours and hours of walking and the occasional sprint brought on by a train delay.  And the climbing.  If you love medieval hill towns as much as I do you’re in for a lot of uphill climbs.  (Pro tip: there are plenty of perfectly decent, well-located hotel rooms in charming European towns to be had cheap if you’re willing to climb up four steep flights of stairs.)  And naturally there’s the schlepping; your backpack, your water and your picnic supplies.  And then there’s the adventure:  let’s say you find yourself in a small Umbrian town and you hear that an 850 year old uncorrupted body of the town’s patron saint is on display in a church on the top of a mountain.  What do you do?  Scramble up a trail to the top of the mountain and…

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